RMV Out-of-State Backlog Impacting Massachusetts Drivers

The RMV has issued over 1,000 license suspensions in the wake of investigations revealing a backlog of out-of-state violations that the RMV had failed to address. The investigations stem from a West Springfield driver holding a Massachusetts Commercial Driver’s License who was recently charged with seven counts of negligent homicide from a June 21, 2019 accident that occurred in New Hampshire. The investigation of the accident revealed that the driver had previously been charged with operating under the influence and that he had refused to take a chemical test in Connecticut. Although Connecticut notified the Massachusetts RMV promptly of the charges in May, which should have triggered a suspension of the driver’s CDL for life, Massachusetts had not taken any steps to suspend the driver’s CDL.

This failure to act prompted the Commonwealth to review RMV systems and processes. During the course of that review, state officials discovered multiple problems. including thousands of notices of out-of-state violations dating back to March 2018 that had apparently never been acted on. As they are sorting through these violations, the RMV has issued and will continue to issue license suspensions to drivers for serious offenses.

While all of the problems these delayed suspensions present to drivers are difficult to predict, it is likely that Massachusetts drivers who have already served their suspensions in other states will have to serve delayed license suspensions in Massachusetts. If you fall into this category and would like to discuss any options you may have, please do not hesitate to call the Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard, P.C.