How to Handle Your OUI or DUI Case

Many people who have been pulled over for the first time on a suspected OUI, immediately assume the worst is about to happen. They feel embarrassed and humiliated and tend to say things that will make the situation worse than it needs to be. A Massachusetts OUI attorney from The Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard P.C. can provide you or a loved one with an excellent defense that may bring more positive results than you thought possible. Here are a few things to keep in mind.


  • Do take a deep breath, calm yourself and listen to what the officer has to say.
  • Do act respectfully to the police officer and be cooperative, without admitting guilt. You do not have to answer his or her questions, but you do have to be cooperative. Let the officer know that your attorney has instructed you not to answer police questions of this nature. If you haven’t been drinking,
  • Do inform the officer of this.
  • Do find a proven and successful OUI defense attorney to represent you. If you have already been arrested and charged, there are still many things that a skilled attorney can do to potentially get the charges dropped.

The Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard care about the future of their clients. The professionals at the firm understand your situation and will fight for the best outcome for you to get on with your life.


  • Don’t decide you are guilty and admit it to the police officer before he has made that decision. Good and honest people, when they are discovered to have done something wrong, feel bad about it. I recommend that you refrain from admitting anything at this point.
  • Don’t lie or say anything untrue. If you don’t know how to answer a question without admitting to something, smile respectfully and say nothing.
  • Don’t admit to anything. I have seen many individuals make their situations much worse because of things that they said or admitted to when questioned by the officer. You have the right to remain silent.

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Attorney Bernard has tried over 1000 cases to a jury in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Many of these cases were OUI or similar charges. Attorney Bernard is committed to defending those individuals charged with drunk driving offenses.

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