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The charge of OUI involves many legal issues, from your constitutional right not to be unreasonably stopped by the police or be compelled to provide evidence against yourself, to the scientific reliability of blood or breath test evidence, to the validity of driver’s license suspensions and impacts on professional licenses. In Massachusetts, if you are arrested for OUI, you have special rights that no other type of arrest invokes. Whether you are facing an OUI charge for the first time, or if you have had offenses in the past, you do not need to face this process alone. The charge of OUI may feel impossible to overcome, but it can be fought to get you the best possible result. Let us be your advocates and bring you peace of mind.

While it is possible for you to represent yourself during the court process and at trial, it can be quite difficult, confusing, and time-consuming to navigate the criminal justice system on your own. The right lawyer can not only evaluate your case for legal issues, they will guide you through the administrative hurdles of court, and act as your representative and advocate.

Choosing a lawyer is a big decision. When hiring a lawyer, it is important to have confidence that the person representing you is doing so with respect for you and with the utmost competence. Your attorney should respect the hardship you are going through, keep you informed about your case and have the legal and scientific knowledge to counsel you.

It is critical that you discuss your OUI case with an attorney who is knowledgeable in this complex area of the law to identify these and other issues. There is a significant benefit to having a lawyer whose practice focuses exclusively on OUI defense; there are many intricacies of the law, procedure and science of OUI cases that a general practitioner may not be familiar with or know how to effectively challenge.

The Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard care about the future of their clients. The professionals at the firm understand your situation and will fight for the best outcome for you to get on with your life.

How Can Our Firm Help You?

Choosing the right attorney is the first step you can make in taking back control of a difficult situation. Unlike other firms, The Law Offices of Attorney Joseph D. Bernard practices exclusively in OUI defense. The staff and attorneys are knowledgeable, experienced and prepared to fight for your rights. We have helped many clients secure results in court that allow them to move on with dignity. Hire a caring and passionate advocate willing and able to defend your rights.

We know from experience the legal issues most likely to arise in an OUI case. We know what to look for in your unique circumstances to secure the best outcome for you. As your representative, we can also help you by gathering evidence of your innocence as well as the facts surrounding your arrest to determine the strength of prosecution’s case against you. If it is clear that you are innocent of the charge, we can discuss your case with the prosecutor to advocate that the case be dismissed altogether. We know the rules by which the court must abide, and there are some types of evidence that cannot be admitted. We can file pre-trial motions that may get the case dismissed or evidence suppressed before trial. If your case does proceed to trial, it is critical to have a lawyer to help you gather evidence, prepare witnesses, and ensure your rights are protected throughout the entire process. We have done this for many clients, and we will do this for you.

It is very beneficial to have your representative speak with a prosecutor on your behalf rather than dealing with a prosecutor directly. We have effectively negotiated with prosecutors based upon the evidence and legal standards. Moreover, when a lawyer acts as your representative, you are prevented from making potentially incriminating statements that could be used against you.

Even if you have already decided that you want to take responsibility for an OUI charge, it is still important that you hire a lawyer. We can help you evaluate all of your options. Remember, you are presumed innocent, and it is the prosecutor’s burden to prove the charge beyond a reasonable doubt. However, if you do ultimately decide to accept responsibility, we can help you resolve your case with full knowledge and understanding of any potential consequences to your driver’s license or professional licenses. We can also make sure that the sentence imposed against you is fair based upon the factual circumstances. In other words, we ensure that the punishment fits the crime. The prosecutor handling your case may be overly aggressive based upon your criminal history and life circumstances, and we can advocate for you so that you are treated fairly under the law.

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The lawyers at The Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard P.C. understand the fear, distress, and pressure that can be overwhelming when you are facing an OUI charge. But you are not in this alone. The assistance of our skilled defense team can give you peace of mind while we navigate this process. We examine every aspect of our clients’ cases, including their arrests, field sobriety tests, and breath or blood tests, to create a comprehensive strategy to fight their serious charges. We devote our practice to defending individuals charged with OUI-related offenses. You need to be represented by a legal professional who is knowledgeable in the law and will relentlessly fight for you.