Defending an OUI charge can be challenging and complex, and this is especially true if you are charged with other driving offenses in addition to OUI. In Massachusetts, OUI is rarely charged alone. The other driving offenses typically stem from the reason the police officer initially stopped your vehicle. For example, if the officer witnessed you driving at a high rate of speed or drifting in and out of your lane, you could be cited for negligent operation. Negligent operation is almost always charged along with OUI when an accident is involved. If police suspect you were involved in an accident but fled the scene, you may be charged with leaving the scene in addition to OUI. If your license was suspended at the time of the offense, you may also be charged with operating on a suspended license. If you were involved in an accident while driving under the influence and that accident results in the death of another, you could also be facing the very serious charge of vehicular manslaughter. While these charges may be overwhelming, there are many ways to successfully defend against them. The Massachusetts OUI lawyers at the Bernard Defense Team are at the forefront of defending OUI/DUI cases and the other violations that accompany them.

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