Registry of Motor Vehicles

What Does the RMV Do?

In Massachusetts, the Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) is the state agency responsible for registering motor vehicles and licensing drivers. Massachusetts residents and non-residents must have a valid Class D driver’s license to operate a motor vehicle within the Commonwealth. Additionally, any vehicle that is operated must be properly registered with the RMV. If you are a Massachusetts driver, you are likely already familiar with the RMV.

Driver’s Licenses, Learner’s Permits, and Identification Cards

In order to obtain your license in Massachusetts, you must fulfill the necessary requirements. First, you must pass a written test to obtain your learner’s permit, then complete driver’s education and behind the wheel training. Once you have completed training, you must pass a written exam as well as a driving test in order to be issued your driver’s license. You must renew your license through the RMV every five years.

The RMV is responsible for issuing commercial drivers licenses for operation of semi-trucks, buses, and other large vehicles (Class A, B, and C). The RMV also issues motorcycle permits and licenses (Class M). Tests for these special licenses are administered through the RMV.

If you do not have a license, you will need an identification card. An ID card contains the same identifying information as a license but it does not give you the right to operate a motor vehicle.

Registration & Titles

Whether you move to Massachusetts with your vehicle registered in another statepurchase a new or used vehicle from a dealer or a used vehicle from an individual, or if you own a trailer, you must register that vehicle or trailer with the RMV. This requires proof of ownership or lien, proof of insurance, proof of safety inspection, and proof of residency. Once registered, the RMV will issue license plates and a registration certificate. You will be required to renew your registration every two years and pay the registration fee.

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Driving Records

The RMV is charged with maintaining the driving records of all those licensed or previously licensed in the Commonwealth. Your driving record is important and lists all driving infractions over the course of your lifetime as a license holder. Depending on your career path, it could influence your eligibility for a job. It could also lead to heightened license suspensions if you receive multiple citations or if you are found responsible for criminal violation such as OUI or negligent driving. In Massachusetts, there is a lifetime lookback period for OUI offenses, making it imperative that there be no incorrect entries on your driving record. Errors do happen — RMV records are not infallible, especially when your driving history predates electronic record keeping. Our firm will thoroughly examine your driving record to ensure that there are no incorrect entries, and if there are, we can help you challenge them.

Suspensions & Hearings

If you are charged with an offense such as an OUI or negligent operation, or if you are deemed a habitual traffic offender, you will likely be facing a license suspension. The RMV is responsible for implementing administrative suspensions for breath test failures or refusals as well as suspensions imposed due to a conviction. The RMV also makes determinations for immediate threat suspensions. You have the right to challenge your imposed suspension, and these challenges generally begin with a hearing at the RMV. If the RMV upholds your suspension, you may still be able to appeal that decision. Additionally, the RMV is responsible for issuing hardship licenses. Our firm has extensive experience in challenging license suspensions at the RMV and on appeal, and we know how to prepare you to put you in the best possible position to get back your license.

Lawyers Who Know the Ins and Outs of the RMV

Whether you are facing a license suspension from the RMV or a criminal license suspension, it is important to have an attorney who understands the ins and outs of the RMV and can help you navigate the process. The lawyers at the Bernard Defense Team are knowledgeable in all aspects of the RMV and will work hard to guide you through any RMV issue you may encounter.
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