2017 Mastering Science Evidence in New Orleans

Attorney Bernard attended the National Seminar with world renowned premier experts, dealing with the forensic evidence used in impaired driving cases. Attorney Bernard caught up with world renowned Dr. A.Wayne Jones at the National College for DUI Defense (NCDD) in New Orleans.

The 24th Annual Mastering Scientific Evidence Seminar (MSE) was held in New Orleans, LA on March 23 - 24, 2017 featuring Dr. A.W. Jones-the world's most preeminent alcohol research scholar-as it's keynote speaker. Dr. A.W. Jones spoke to DUI/DWI defense lawyers on the current state of alcohol intoxication research surrounding alcohol absorption, distribution, elimination, extrapolation, blood and breath testing. Dr. Jones also discussed "alcohol absorption research" program. Other nationally renowned award winning DWI speaker, lawyers, and experts in the fields of forensic toxicology, breath and blood testing spoke at this seminar as well.

Dr. A Wayne Jones from Sweden testified at the recent breath test hearing via electronic monitor and the cross-examination not only because of his intellect and experience. Dr. Jones has over 40 Years and 400 Published Articles in Alcohol Research: Pushing Science to the Limits