DUI Expungement: Why You Need a Good Lawyer

While the act of expungement offers those with a criminal record a chance to start over, it might not always be available for certain crimes and in certain states. Unfortunately, this is the case for DUI convictions in Massachusetts.

While state law does not allow offenders to have their DUI offense completely wiped out, it can offer a close second. Under the right circumstances, an individual may be able to have their criminal records sealed. A sealed record stays in the government's files, but is no longer readily available for public viewing. This can be extremely beneficial for future employment opportunities and background checks.

If you aren't facing charges, do you really need an attorney for simple paperwork? The answer is yes and should become more apparent throughout this blog post.

Who can have their records sealed?

Courts don't just seal records for any application, as they require an individual to meet certain criteria beforehand.

If any of the following describe your circumstances, you may be eligible:

  • Your DUI charge was dismissed
  • You were found not guilty
  • Either 10 or 15 years have passed since you were convicted
  • You were pardoned

It can be difficult to know if you qualify, particularly if you are unfamiliar with the legal system or laws in Massachusetts. Far too many individuals have gone without sealing their records when they actually could done so years ago.

When you work with an attorney throughout the process, you can be confident that they will determine the best way to submit a request to the Massachusetts Commissioner of Probation. They will also be able to write your request in a clear and convincing way.

If you believe you may qualify to have your records sealed, don't hesitate to contact my firm. I am well-equipped to assess your case and get started on the request process. Call today to speak with a Springfield DUI lawyer!