All About Attorney Joseph D. Bernard P.C.

Being arrested for an OUI can be frustrating, thought-consuming, and terrifying. If you were taken to jail and charged with an OUI offense you may be worried that you will have to surrender your license or remain behind bars for months. OUIs are taken seriously in the state of Massachusetts, and those that are convicted of operating a vehicle under the influence of drugs or alcohol can deal with the punishments for years to come. If you are dealing with any sort of OUI offense, you want a reliable lawyer on your side. You don’t just want a criminal defense lawyer who is handling dozens of cases and will take a few hours to handle your situation. Instead, you want a lawyer that will act as a partner and come alongside you in your time of need.

Joseph D. Bernard is a lawyer with a private practice in Springfield, Massachusetts dedicated solely to helping the suspects of OUI arrests. This attorney has studied law for years and even worked for the prosecution for years in order to develop a better understanding of how those on the other side of OUI law think. Attorney Bernard wants to ensure quality legal representation for all of his clients, and he is a member of the Massachusetts State Bar. He is intimately familiar with the procedure of DUI law so he understands exactly how to battle against the prosecution in these cases. As a firm Assistant District Attorney for the Hampden County Courts, he can anticipate how the prosecution will tackle a case and modify his strategy to account for this.

Attorney Bernard is exceedingly patient with his clients. He understands that this may be your first run-in with the law. Typically, those who are arrested for DUIs are not your average criminals. They are normally seemingly innocent men and women who were at a party or enjoying time with friends and failed to designate a driver. These drivers are rarely violent and they often don’t have any criminal record at all. Because of this, Attorney Bernard understands that he may need to explain every detail of the DUI law process to his clients. He is willing to meet with his clients, answer their questions, and take into account their concerns.

Attorney Bernard is a member of the National Criminal Defense Association and the Massachusetts Bar Association, so he is fully equipped to take on any Massachusetts OUI case. Because he is so acquainted with OUI law and respected in the legal community, Attorney Bernard has been asked to speak at many legal seminars. He was a former instructor at the Justice Training Center in Western Massachusetts as well. He has tried over 200 cases to a jury in the past, and many of them have ended in successful verdicts.

You can read about many of those successes here He has been able to defend clients so that they left court “not guilty” or in other cases he proved that there was not sufficient evidence in a case and was able to get it dismissed. He has had breath test results suppressed because they were conducted illegally, and has caused cases to be dropped because the police failed to follow proper procedure. Even if Attorney Bernard is not able to merit a not guilty verdict for you, he may be able to reduce your sentences in a plea bargain. This means that he will negotiate with the prosecution on a reduced sentence that may eliminate all jail time or lower the expenses of your fines. In exchange for admitting that you are guilty of your crime, you will receive the reduced sentence.

Attorney Bernard will defend virtually any OUI case that you encounter. This includes OUI & drug cases, out of state OUIs vehicular manslaughter cases, first time OUIs field sobriety test issues, expungement cases, OUIs where a driver was injured and issues involving blood and breath tests He will also cover any cases that involve personal injury allegations, and can defend in other criminal cases. In some OUI cases, there may be a criminal hearing and an RMV hearing The RMV hearing will involve going to the RMV in order to petition to keep your license. Attorney Bernard can accompany you in either or both of these trials.

If you are considering hiring Attorney Bernard to handle your case, then you can contact him and his staff by calling (413) 258-7371. Attorney Bernard wants his clients to feel appreciated and cared for from the first meeting, which is why he always offers a free initial consultation to his potential clients, he will also evaluate your case for free so send him an e-mail using the website sidebar if you want him to read about your allegations and determine whether or not anyone can help you. The firm’s main office is located at 73 State Street Suite 301 Springfield, MA 01107. From this location, Attorney Bernard is able to serve the residents of Westfield, Chicopee, Holyoke, Hampden County, and Northampton.

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Attorney Bernard has tried cases in the United States Federal Court, the Superior Courts, and the Massachusetts District Courts so he is not afraid to go up against the toughest judges in any given situation. He devotes all of his time and effort to his cases, and wants his clients to think of him as a helper and a friend. Attorney Bernard does not take on DUI cases for the money, he does it because he loves working with those in need. If you are in need of a DUI attorney, then you need to talk to him today. With the right representation on your side, you may be able to avoid a harsh sentence and get back to normal after your DUI arrest.