This is the man you want in your corner.

A year and a half ago, my life almost ended…I was arrested by a police officer for a crime I did not commit. I was later told by a judge that there was sufficient evidence to warrant this arrest but it took many months to hear this information. In the meantime, since the arrest, I lost many things; my job, my license, friends, partners, faith in the overall kindness of human beings. Kindness is an important part of how I was raised and who I am. It was a kindness that put me on the road that night. It was a kindness that led me to create a career where I helped people, the very career that became threatened that fateful night. The very next person who showed me kindness after that traumatic event was Joseph Bernard. There was no way for him to show me that absolutely everything will be ok. He couldn’t give me a satisfactory answer no matter how many questions I had (and I ALWAYS had many!!). For facts, he told me straight up it would be unethical if he told me that he could guarantee that everything will be ok. But he did tell me if he lost me the case, he would most likely retire. That’s the kind of backing you get with Mr. Bernard. That’s the kind of restoration of faith and life you get with him. That’s the kind of reintroduction to the kindness of humans you get when you hire this man. I went through a lot… and although my case is over I know I have unfinished business that I know Mr. Bernard will undoubtedly help me sort out. But I’m here to tell you as someone who went through it and knows how scary it is when you are facing that black hole and approaching the event horizon and realize that you are about to lose everything you ever knew and fought for– this is the man you want in your corner. Hands down.