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    The state of Massachusetts has one of the strictest OUI laws in the nation. When facing a OUI penalty in Massachusetts your penalty may be different depending on the driver’s history.


    from $500 to $50,000

    License Suspension

    Can range from 1 year to permanent loss of license

    Jail Sentence

    Can be up to 5 years

    Dealing with an OUI is emotional and frightening, but an experienced defense lawyer may be able to help. Our firm has defended clients against OUI charges for numerous years, and we can use our understanding of the Massachusetts law to ensure that your rights are protected.


    Who We Are

    The Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard is here for our future clients. Every case that walks through our doors is met with our team who are dedicated to take care of their case with experience and professionalism.

    • Massachusetts Lawyer of the Year
    • Hampden County Kent Smith Award
    • National Lawyer of the Year for Drunk Driving Defense
    • Certified Training for Field Sobriety Tests
    • Only Lawyer in Massachusetts to Have Completed the Breath Test Training Conducted by the State Police
    • Only Lawyer in Massachusetts to be Certified by the International Acclaimed Borkenstein Drug and Alcohol Courses

    What Our Clients Say

    • Joe is a life saver. He is personable, straight forward, quick witted, and fights for the best outcome. He may not always tell you what you want to hear, but trust in Joe’s methods and intuition. He is not like some other in-your-face/ ask where you “heard about me so that I can know where…

      Former Client
    • I am so grateful that I found Attorney Joseph Bernard and he agreed to represent me in my OUI case. I believe that without his guidance and his ability to understand my situation and treat me with dignity and respect made all the difference in my case. I was able to take his suggestions and…

      Former Client
    • I had a DMV issue that had involved two different states and DNR. Each state blamed the other state and I was caught in the middle. My license was suspended. Attorney Benard and staff handle my case quickly. Although I lived out of state. They kept me informed step by step along the way assuring…

      Former Client
    • I was very pleased with the expertise and professionalism with which Attorney Joe Bernard managed my case. It quickly became clear to me that he has the experience and respect of his peers necessary for effective litigation. From the start, Joe admitted that my case would be difficult, a longshot. His perseverance paid off in…

      Avvo User
    • Lawyer Bernard was very precise in every step of my case. He never let me down at any moment, he was always there making sure there was the best outcome moving forward against my charge. I’m glad I made the right decision to hire him as my lawyer. When he told me he was not…

      Former Client
    • I retained Attorney Bernard after my daughter who is an attorney reached out to her colleagues for a good DUI attorney. Joe came highly recommended. Joe is very knowledgeable and experienced with MA DUI laws. We worked well together to come up with the best solution for my case. The outcome was what I was…

      Former Client
    • A year and a half ago, my life almost ended…I was arrested by a police officer for a crime I did not commit. I was later told by a judge that there was sufficient evidence to warrant this arrest but it took many months to hear this information. In the meantime, since the arrest, I…

      Former Client
    • Joe came highly recommended by you could say important figures. If I could say anything it’s being patient when going to trial. DO NOT let your emotions get involved. Listen to Atty Bernard when he gives the advice. He truly is a top of the line attorney. His staff was great especially Stephen he was…

      Avvo User

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