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Charged with OUI or DUI?

Anyone can be stopped and charged with OUI/DUI. Bad things can happen to good people. But you are not in this alone. The Law Office of Attorney Joseph D. Bernard understands the fear, distress, and pressure that can be overwhelming when you are facing an OUI charge. The assistance of our skilled defense team can give you peace of mind while we navigate this process with you. We devote our practice to defending individuals charged with OUI-related offenses. We examine every aspect of our clients' cases, including their arrests, field sobriety tests, and breath or blood tests, to create a comprehensive strategy to fight serious charges. You need to represented by a legal professional who is knowledgeable in the law and will relentlessly fight for you.

Why Choose My OUI / DUI Defense Firm?

  • Attorney Bernard has been successfully leading the fight against unreliable breath test results in Massachusetts
  • Attorney Bernard was nationally recognized as the Trial Lawyer of the Year by the National College of DUI Defense
  • Attorney Bernard works with scientific experts who are nationally renowned in their fields

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Recent Victories

We Know the Ins & Outs of DUI/OUI Cases & We Make the Experience Easier on You

  • SEPTEMBER 2022 - BRAVE ACT Dismissed
  • SEPTEMBER 2022 - TRIAL Not Guilty
  • AUGUST 2022 - SECOND OFFENSE Treated as First Offense
  • OCTOBER 2021 – FIRST OFFENSE Dismissed
  • OCTOBER 2021 – FIRST OFFENSE Dismissed
  • OCTOBER 2021 – FIRST OFFENSE Dismissed
  • SEPTEMBER 2021 - 2011 OUI Dismissed Motion to Vacate Allowed
  • SEPTEMBER 2021 - GLOBAL RESOLUTION Motion to Vacate Allowed
  • SEPTEMBER 2021 - FIRST OFFENSE Dismissed
  • SEPTEMBER 2021 - FIRST OFFENSE Dismissed

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    Whether you are facing your first time OUI offense or whether you have had others in the past, Attorney Bernard is dedicated to helping you get the best possible result in your case. Do not hesitate to reach out to the office, so we can begin building an effective defense for you and help get your life back on track.

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    Real Client Reviews

    See How We've Helped Other People in Your Shoes
    • “I'm here to tell you as someone who went through it and knows how scary it is when you are facing that black hole and approaching the event horizon and realize that you are about to lose everything you ever knew and fought for, this is the man you want.”

      - Former Client
    • “Listen to Atty Bernard when he gives the advice. His staff was great. Thank you, Joe, and keep up the good work.”

      - Avvo User
    • “Joe is very knowledgeable and experienced with MA DUI laws. We worked well together to come up with the best solution for my case. The outcome was what I was hoping for and could not be more pleased.”

      - Former Client
    • “I was extremely confident with the representation of the firm. Their rates are reasonable, their professional and they not only handled one state but two. They clearly knew the law and I would gladly use them again if I needed it.”

      - Former Client
    • “I was very pleased with the expertise and professionalism with which Attorney Joe Bernard managed my case. It quickly became clear to me that he has the experience and respect of his peers necessary for effective litigation. I’ll always be grateful.”

      - Avvo User

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