Backlog with Board of Appeal Causing License Reinstatement Delays

A Backlog of Cases and A Computer Glitch Cost Massachusetts Drivers Time As They Wait For Hearings

The COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc in Massachusetts on the Board of Appeals - the agency that addresses appeals of Registry of Motor Vehicle (RMV) license suspensions. The Board had been completely shut down for months, and is now facing a huge backlog of cases to address as a result of the closures. This backlog has had an extremely unfortunate impact upon Massachusetts drivers across the state dealing with unfair and delayed license suspensions, including those resulting from the RMV’s own computer glitches.

WCVB recently covered this story here where they explain the consequences of the Board’s backlog and the RMV’s computer glitches.

One Massachusetts driver, for example, explained how his license was suspended for a drunk driving charge in Vermont that happened more than three decades ago. He completed his requirements for his license suspension and that was the last he heard about it until May of 2020. The Board then claimed that he also had another charge in New Hampshire on the same day. This Massachusetts resident suffered months of back and forth with the RMV and the Board without the ability to drive. Although his situation was finally cleared up, he still needs to have an interlock device placed into his motor vehicle based upon the mistake. He now has to drive with this device in his motor vehicle with no one held accountable for the error. This is just one example of how the Board of Appeals is affecting drivers throughout Massachusetts.

It could take up to a year to fix all of the mistakes that the RMV has made as a result of this glitch in their system with the backlog facing the Board. If you think that your license may have been affected by this situation in Massachusetts, please do not hesitate to contact the Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard at 413-731-9995 today.