Attorney Bruno Attends Leadership Summit

Attorney Bruno had the privilege of attending the Tony Robbins Leadership Academy in San Diego, CA earlier this month. The conference was focused on mainly three things: discovering the leader within, motivating and inspiring, and delivering with confidence. Here, we have summarized some of the most important ideas current and future leaders should keep in mind. All great leaders possess a similar psychology and learning the different types of leaders and discovering your own strengths are paramount to success. Gaining the tools to break through your limitations and step out as a leader are the keys to your development. Leaders are turned to in times of uncertainty and gaining the confidence required to inspire others sets great leaders apart from good leaders. It is important to discover what motivates people and what tools are at your disposal to create the change that is needed. Leadership begins with your ability to persuade and connect with people, to engage and captivate any audience from the beginning to the end for a powerful and lasting impact. Some of the notable presenters included Jan Hargrave - a world renowned body language expert and author of Judge the Jury, Sid Jacobson - a psychologist and expert in neuro-linguistic programming, Peter Bregman - a CEO and leadership development specialist, and Siri Lindley - a #1 world champion triathlete and Olympic coach. Attorney Bruno was able to engage with other legal professionals as well as individuals from a variety of professions to gain tips and insights on how to improve her ability to present a case, an argument, or even an idea to any audience and keep their attention. If you haven't captured your audience's attention, if they are not listening to you, then you cannot expect to have the desired impact.


Attorney Erica Bruno, second from the right.