Researchers Say A Breathalyzer Has Flaws

Attorney Bernard has recently been mentioned in an article involving the flaws in breathalyzers. This is affecting drunk driving cases in Massachusetts as well as multiple other states. The incident of faulty breathalyzers began in Washington when Washington State Police wanted to change their technology. They began to work with Draeger and their breathalyzer, the Alcotest 9510. Defense lawyers in Washington began to challenge the results of the breath test since they believe they have found the Alcotest 9510 produce incorrect results.

Years later, the challenging of the breathalyzers began to occur in New Jersey and Massachusetts as well. For Massachusetts, Attorney Joseph Bernard and Thomas Workman are both mentioned in this article. Attorney Bernard discusses the judge ruling that breath tests results from two years prior to September 2014 are "presumptively unreliable." Hence, this is why there is a state-wide moratorium on breath test results being used as evidence right now in Massachusetts.

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