Draeger 9510 Hearing Beginning

The Draeger 9510 hearing is scheduled to begin January 17, 2017, the court has allocated the entire week for this hearing. The defendants have employed experts from around the country to testify at the hearing. The experts within this matter specialize in aspects of administration of breath tests, maintenance of the breath test machines and laboratory standards, and the biological effects of alcohol in the body and lungs.

One of the experts, Andrea's Stolz a professor at the University in Michigan researched spectrometry and infrared breath test machines throughout the country. He conducted dynamic testing on the Draeger 9510 machine with interfering substances to determine whether or not the machine could exclusively differentiate alcohol molecules.

Another expert expected to testify in January is Dr. Joseph Anderson, nationally renowned for researching the physiological effects of alcohol in the body and lungs.

Nationally known scientific laboratory auditor Janice Arvizu examined the Office of Alcohol and Testing (OAT). Janice Arvizu will testify about the methodology, recordkeeping and auditing of the OAT.