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Have you been arrested for drunk driving in Amherst, Massachusetts?

Facing criminal charges related to impaired driving, whether it is from alcohol, drugs, or a combination of both, puts you at risk for serious penalties in Massachusetts. Like other states, law enforcement, prosecutors, and judges do not take this criminal charge lightly. If you wish to obtain a favorable outcome, such as a case dismissal, reduced charges or sentencing, or an acquittal, you will need an experienced Amherst OUI attorney who is highly knowledgeable and committed to your defense. My firm, The Law Offices of Joseph D. Bernard P.C. provides skilled legal representation in this complex legal field to those in Amherst and the surrounding areas.

I have close to two decades of experience which includes having conducted more than 200 jury trials. I thoroughly understand how the prosecutor will build his case against you because I am a former District Attorney. That former experience gives you an advantage when it comes to counteracting the state's case against you. Furthermore, I am a lecturer and author on the topic of OUI defense for professional continuing legal education. As soon as you retain my services, I will immediately get to work to investigate and analyze the evidence so as to uncover any material that will work in your defense. Because I take a limited number of cases in order to provide exceptional attention to those I represent, it is highly recommended that you contact me as early as possible following an arrest.

OUI Cases in Amherst

My firm provides close and tailored legal attention to all aspects of OUI, including first time OUI, multiple OUI, OUI and drugs, OUI with injury, out of state OUI, RMV hearings, leaving the scene, vehicular manslaughter, driver's license restoration, expungements, and other practice areas. No matter how complicated or hopeless your case may seem, understanding what can be done on your behalf requires seasoned and skilled legal help. My firm is dedicated to providing an aggressive defense which involves a thorough investigation into all of the factors pertinent to your circumstances.

If you are looking for quality representation in any type of OUI or in other practice areas, contact my firm for a free, initial consultation as soon as possible.

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